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March 1, 2014 by Jaclyn Rose 0 comments

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Wow, it seems like forever since I've been on here. I do apologize about that. I'm slowly working on making a comeback. And by comeback, I've also decided to start posting YouTube videos! As I type this, I'm actually converting the video into a format that I can edit using Movie Maker.

Apparently, the Kodak Zi8 HD camera that I used to film does not fare so well with editing software as I just found out.

So be sure to subscribe to my channel for all my future videos that I'll be posting up. YouTube.com/jroseonline

I stopped by CVS today to pick up a few essentials for my MUA kit and saw there was a "Buy 1, Get 1 50% off" on Wet N Wild products. So I picked up a couple new lippies. They were $2 each so I ended up getting both for $3. The two colors I picked up were 908C Suger Plum Fairy and 905D Smokin' Hot Pink.

Not too sure yet how I feel about the Smokin' Hot Pink against my skin tone, but I'm sure with a completed look I would probably change my mind. I did do a makeup look to go with Suger Plum Fairy. I'm wondering if it is a typo and is supposed to say Sugar, not Suger. LOL!

Anyways, here is my FOTD for today. I didn't go anywhere haha! We were thinking of going to Disneyland today to check it out on a rainy day, but decided against it. So I have a full face of makeup and here I am, converting my video and blogging it up!

This look below is the look I filmed today and will be my first makeup tutorial video on YouTube. I'm actually pretty excited that I'm getting into the video world of makeup. I'm thinking of upgrading my camera or doing more research on how else to edit the .mov format that my current Kodak Zi8 records on. But I must say that I'm looking forward to doing more videos and getting more involved in the beauty blogging world again.

Products Used:

- primed face with Urban Decay Pore Perfecting Complexion Primer Potion
- followed that up with an application of Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm
- applied Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation in 7.0 all over face
- to contour and highlight, used the MAC Cosmetics Sculpt and Shape Duo. Shadester applied to hollow of my cheek bones, down each side of my nose and at my jawline. Highlighted with Lightsweep on bridge of my nose, and under my eyes.
- applied MAC Coygirl blush to apple of my cheeks.
- Set it with MAC Select Sheer Loose Powder in NC45

- primed eyelids with Urban Decay Primer Potion
- also used NYX jumbo pencil in Strawberry Milk as base on lid
- applied MAC Romping eyeshadow (from Hello Kitty Collection Too Dolly palette) on top of Strawberry Milk
- highlighted brow bone with MAC Yogurt eyeshadow (from Hello Kitty Collection Too Dolly palette)
- defined crease with a purple Inglot eyeshadow 377 and blended
- applied Too Faced Smolder eyeshadow to outer V and blended into crease
- blended MAC Stately Black eyeshadow (from Hello Kitty Collection Too Dolly palette) into outer V and crease
- lined eyes with Make Up For Ever Aqua Black Crème Eye Shadow
- lined lower waterline with Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes eyeliner in Black
- applied MAC Too Dolly eyeshadow to tear duct and inner part of lower lashline
- applied MAC Stately Black eyeshadow to outer lower lash line
- applied Monda Studio #107 false eyelashes
- finished up with Revlon Lash Potion mascara on upper and lower lashes
- filled in brows with Make Up For Ever eyebrow corrector

- lined lips with MAC lipliner in Magenta
- applied Wet N Wild lipstick in Suger Plum Fairy

I am usually posting my FOTDs on Instagram so if you're not already following me, follow me @jroseonline

Stay tuned for the video on YouTube to go with this look.

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FB Friday: TAJ's Sweet Treats

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Facebook Friday: TAJ's Sweet Treats


Today's Facebook Friday page will make your mouth start watering from all the yummy goodness you see via the photos! My long time friend, Vangie, out in Las Vegas, NV, entices you with her sugary sweet temptations. From cakes to cake balls and pops to cupcakes and even cookies, this girl is always coming up with new flavors and creations to satisfy any sweet tooth!

I had the honor of having her make my wedding favors for my 10 year anniversary Vegas vow renewal celebration in May 2012. She made red velvet Petit Fours that she decorated in my wedding colors and placed them in the boxes that I sent to her the week prior. Take a look for yourself! It's just too bad you can't taste them as they were so delicious!

Don't forget to "Like" her FB page while you are visiting!

So if you're out in the Vegas area, be sure to call her to create something special for your next event. Even if you're not, be sure to Like her page to see all that she comes up with. We all know we love looking at food pics!

Facebook Friday is a weekly series in which I will post up an interesting Facebook page that I think you should check out. If you or anyone you know has a Facebook page that you'd like to feature on here, feel free to shoot me an email jroseonline@gmail.com and let me know!

FB Friday: Jackie H Artistry.com

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Facebook Friday: Jackie H Artistry.com


For my first Facebook Friday post, I just have to shamelessly promote myself! During the course of my beauty blogging, one morning I decided that I wanted to become a makeup artist. I know kind of random, right? So I attended a 6 day makeup course (over the course of 3 weeks on weekends) and learned the basics of applying makeup on others. That was in 2011.

Since then I've had the opportunity to work with brides, bridal parties, amazing models, photographers, designers, production companies and be a part of many amazing teams of professionals.

If you or anyone you know is in need of a makeup artist for your special day, consider using my services! You'll find my rates on my FB page or on my blog here under Hair and Makeup services.

Don't forget to "Like" my FB page while you are visiting!

Facebook Friday is a weekly series in which I will post up an interesting Facebook page that I think you should check out. If you or anyone you know has a Facebook page that you'd like to feature on here, feel free to shoot me an email jroseonline@gmail.com and let me know!

Review: Clear Care Contact Lens Solution

August 12, 2013 by Jaclyn Rose 0 comments

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Review: Clear Care Contact Lens Solution

I originally posted my Clear Care review back in 2008 and it has been a very popular entry so I'm reposting because even today, I still use it!

I have been wearing contact lenses since I got my first pair in 1997. So for me, that's 16 years. As the years passed by, my prescription has changed, unfortunately for the worse every time I went to the eye doctor.

In the last five years, every time I get my eyes checked, I have been told by the eye doctor that I would have to refrain from wearing contacts for at least 2 weeks to let my eyes heal and let a lot more oxygen into my eyes.

I wake up at 6AM every morning and put my contacts in and wear them for a good 14-16 hours a day. Then on top of that it doesn't help that I work with computers all day long.

I have used a plethera of different contact lens solutions and eye drops to help relieve the dryness and itchiness I go through on a daily basis.

I went from ReNu regular contact solution to the ReNu and Opti Free no rub contact solution, but to no avail, I still got the dryness by the end of the day, to the point where I feel like my contact lenses are stuck to my eyeballs.

In 2007, my optometrist suggested I use Clear Care Contact Lens Solution.

What is Clear Care?
According to their website, this is what is says: Experience the feeling of fresh, clean, more comfortable lenses—guaranteed. For a healthy choice, try Clear Care® One Bottle Solution for Cleaning & Disinfecting.

Ideal for all types of soft contact lenses, Clear Care is clinically proven #1 for comfort and clarity of vision. And silicone hydrogel contact lens wearers rate Clear Care better for cleaning than the leading multi-purpose solutions.

With the exceptional cleaning action of hydrogen peroxide, Clear Care cleans and disinfects lenses like no multi-purpose solution can.

Clear Care, with its triple-action power, bubbles to actively clean and remove protein from your lenses.

Clear Care kills germs and bacteria that can cause eye infections.

There is a difference in Clear Care compared to your traditional contact lens solutions. You must use the special case it comes with, which they give you a new one in every box you buy. Also, you will notice that the bottle tip is red, meaning that once you put the solution on your lenses, you can NOT put it back in your eyes as it will burn your eyes.

Here is how to use it using my own images: (I used my colored contacts so you can see it better)

1. Wash and dry your hands thoroughly before touching your eye or your contacts.

2. Put each contact in the labeled L or R side of the lens holder.

3. Rinse both lenses with solution. I do this over the sink.

4. Fill up case with Clear Care solution up to line.

5. Drop the lens holder into the case and screw tight. Once in, you should already see it working when you see the bubbles.

6. Let it sit for at least 6 hours before using your contacts.

Can Clear Care be used with all types of soft contact lenses?
Yes. Clear Care is great for all types of contact lenses and is ideal for silicone hydrogel lenses, including: O2OPTIX™, NIGHT & DAY ®, PureVision®*, ACUVUE® ADVANCE™, and ACUVUE® OASYS.™*

Why do I have to use the lens case provided in the Clear Care pack for disinfecting my lenses?
Because there is no substitute for the lens case provided in the Clear Care pack. This lens case contains a unique neutralizing disc specially designed to neutralize Clear Care. It converts this powerful cleaning and disinfecting solution into a gentle saline solution, much like your own tears.

When my eye doctor suggested to use this, I am going to say this has been the best advice given to me. I love this stuff. My eye doctor prescribed me to use Acuvue Day and Night lenses as they allow more oxygen to pass through the lenses to your eyes. Technically, you can even sleep in these contacts. I personally like to take my lenses out every night to clean them and allow my eyes to get a breath of fresh air, but there are those times where I do get lazy and end up falling asleep with my contacts on. That rarely happens though.

When putting on my contacts in the morning, I no longer get that irritating feeling like my contacts haven't been fully cleaned. Even with the no rub solutions, I still felt like I have to rub off any dirt or preservatives that was left on there.

For those contact lens wearers, I would totally suggest using this method as a daily routine. The only downside is once you put your contacts in the solution you CANNOT wear them until at least 6 hours has passed. But if you're like me and you put them in the cleaning solution at night before you go to bed, then that shouldn't be a problem.

J.Rose Online Disclaimer: The product reviewed/shown in this post was purchased by me. Above review is my honest opinion after using the product myself and was not influenced by the company in any way.

MUA: Makeup for Nawti Video

August 10, 2013 by Jaclyn Rose 0 comments

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Nawti by Olu Maintain

One of my first gigs when I became a makeup artist was to do makeup for Olu Maintain's Nawti music video. I vividly remember that day like it was yesterday, when in fact it was 2 years ago this month. The music shoot I worked on was in LA and I remember being nervous. I was hoping that my makeup application was what they were looking for.

Prior to this gig, I had only done I believe two other gigs and this was my first music video. I was there for a good eight hours and had worked on 6 female extras. I even remember wearing 5 inch stiletto heels! Big mistake on my part, haha. I stand at 5'0" and sometimes some of the models I work with have at least an 8 inch height on me. So when they are in my makeup chair sometimes I have to tip toe just to reach their faces!

Needless to say, even though it was hectic and non-stop, I had a lot of fun. I love that I got to experience what it was like to be on set. This definitely gave me the opportunity to learn more about being a makeup artist on set.

I didn't get pictures of all the extras I worked on, but I did get the images on some of the ones I worked on. All of the ladies I worked with, other MUAs, hair stylists and all the extras were super awesome and we had a great time!

And I leave a few pictures below from my video shoot for Nigerian music star, Olu Maintain.

I was able to get a quick picture with Olu right before I left for the night.

A few screen shots from the video.

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